So, Daze is basically a new project that my sister and I are currently working on. With new stock arriving on our doorstep, the ASOS marketplace store will offer cool and fresh knitwear, crop tops and dresses followed by more stock and a brand new website in the new year! With fresh and clean block colours, we are selling the clothes that we would want to buy!
I'm so excited because I'm able to benefit from styling and designing opportunities working closely with Harriet as we take a personal approach in building our business!
Here are a few photos of me 'behind the sceens' and taking selfies for instagram (as per). These are some items available on the asos marketplace store next week! Please follow us on Twitter @shopdaze and keep in touch with the launch of our website in the year.. 2014 sees the birth of Daze in full swing!

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  1. omg, you look so perfect <3 love those pics :))
    kisses and maybe you would want to see my new post?;))


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