Okay, Its a purchase post on this gloomy and bitterly cold Monday morning but its not just any old purchase post.. Its a purchase post of my new suede holdall from H&M! I'm not only stoked that I finally have an  actual hold all in my life finally that will take some wear during my commutes from London to Birmingham and back but the amazing fact that I got this at 50 per cent off! It was originally 80 pounds, and I was actually contemplating skipping coffee for a month to get this bad boy but then the H&M sales happened and I saw this sitting nicely on a rail at 50 per cent off! Can I just say now that patience is a virtue because at this time of year, practically everything goes on sale! Don't wait until boxing day, as its all coming out now. The picture definitely doesn't identify the bags true quality and I can tell I will have this bag for years to come. Happy Happy Christmas and all that!


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