As soon as word was out about the H&M and IM collab, my excitement and countdown of the release of the collection was well under way! With the release of the actual collection in the summer, I knew straight away that the grey sweater and leather bond trousers would be mine! 
On the approach of the launch, I was fortunate to be able to get the opportunity of working for H&M press office so i was able to get a closer look before the collection had hit the stores.. With the collection straight in front of me, I had a completely and surprisingly divided opinion. One half of the collection I felt utterly in love with.. The other half? Not my cup of tea but definitely as expected and fell perfectly within the range of the whole 'french-rock and roll-free spirit' of Isabel Marant as a designer. 
The half that I had fell in love with however included the grey sweater and leather trousers!
At quite a heavy price of £179.99, These timeless leather trousers will undoubtedly last me for years to come and I most definitely will be wearing the life out of them until they fall apart and i'm not even a little bit joking.. (Expect the pictures)
None the less, you will most certainly get to see my purchases with posts to come as I nicely fit these pieces in to my everyday routine.
As H&M Stores around Europe empty of the IM collection, I bid a fare well to another successful H&M collabaration.

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