New Years Resolutions aren't really something I've taken seriously before now and the reason 
I'm taking them more seriously this year is because of the fact that I'm 24 this year and I need to start living life.
I've done things in my twenties that I'm proud of, of course I am.. I passed my driving test, got myself a car, an English degree, I'm still with my boyfriend of 6 years now and I have moved to London. My twenties have been the best years of my life! But this year I hope to do more and more and live each day more than I ever have. What better to reflect on recent years then to make use of a new year by making promises to yourself? 
One of the biggest things I owe myself this year is to address my mentality.. I know, deep huh? 
This year more than ever I haven't quite felt myself. Leaving uni, and Birmingham to start my life and I wasn't prepared mentally to cope with the independence of being an adult. I might sound rather pathetic to some but there is more to myself as a person then I let on and I don't think that's a bad thing for me to keep such things to myself but this year I know that I need to go to the doctors and simply speak to someone about my erratic high and lows so that I can nip this in the bud. It's okay to able to speak about being human on blog posts and I also want to thank my twitter followers for always being people I can actually speak to about these things.

Another thing is to do more things.. Socially and adventurous. See more people, travel more and I know it is easier said then done but I need to actually do them. Write down in my diary the places that I want to go to then actually go to them and see them for myself. New York city and the South of France are high on my list.

I have little things that I want to improve in my life like saving money and getting healthy, exercise.. Growing my hair and I also want to write a novel! But one of the main things I need to do this year is take a direction career-wise that I can build on. I work in retail now and although it has it's perks, I've realised more that I'm much more of a creative person and I want to make use of my degree too, yes im able to blog still which is one of my favourite things but its so hard to get that much in to my blogging when im working a lot. I really want to make shopdaze work also but generally I need to get on top of my career ambitions and work on them. It scares me that I'm turning 24 in the summer but it's also a good thing that I see age as a deadline for doing more and more too. 
It would be cool to hear what other people have planned for their new years resolutions?  Are they working out, are you planning any holidays, if so where? Would be great to hear!

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  1. Those are really great targets. One of my favourite resolutions this year is a 'good things jar' - hopefully It will be filled with amazing memories by next year! x


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