This post won't be outfit-fashion-purchase related.. But a more reflective post.. More of a post that will not only help me to break down my life over the last few months, but a post that will help me to wind down and gain more of a perspective of my life.. So, I've made it clear that I have now moved to London from Birmingham and yes, any move is stressful in it self, but I have also finished uni.. Big deal? Yes, a very big deal.. University was a big struggle for me, more than most, but I didn't realise that I would eventually miss the feeling of belonging and working towards something. I don't have a clue where my life will take me now, and although that it is a positive to stress on such a matter and yes, whatever I will do will be fashion related or creative in some way but from being at uni everyday, working at constant deadlines and having that self achievement to then moving away from the familiarity of everything else as well? Well it has been hard to say the least. I miss working towards something.. I miss being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. I miss my car, my independence.. having control, being able to blog, let alone find time too.. I've moved away from my boyfriend too; Someone who has been in my life everyday for 6 years is no longer in my daily life and that is the hardest thing most of all. 
The reason for the picture you might be questioning? Well, I've painted my room and decided to see this as a fresh start, identifying the change of atmosphere in my life but with all my old things identifying myself, acknowledging that change is a good thing, a positive thing. Change is also a thing that can't be controlled and I might as well take hold of change and make it look, well, pretty?  I've already met some lovely people at work and the chances of getting a job in the fashion industry are higher than when I lived in Birmingham.. I've already had the chance of working in H&M press office, meet other bloggers and attend events as well as the plan of working with my sister on an exciting project. I'm 23 with ambition to success.. Yes, I am sad and miss a lot of things but I should be excited right? Its hard to find what I want to do with my life, but this is what being in your twenties is all about isn't it? Finding the pathway which will lead me to the road! 

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