It's December already? So much has happened this year that I have completely lost track of time.. I've finished Uni, moved to London, meeting new people, found a new job and trying to simply settle in and find my place in London. Christmas in London is amazing! So much is happening and can I just mention that If you live in England, you need to visit Winter Wonderland in hyde park - Amazing.
I've taken inspiration from COS recently.. If it isn't already apparent that my fashion sense can be incredibly mundane at times, then you will evidently see in this post. Typically every year velvets and layering of burgundy and military colours take the stage, just as typical as pastels in spring… Also as typical as my daily choice of shoes (yes, forever creepers) - But i will like to mention that minimal colouring and paying attention to texture is more important to me this season and that is thanks to COS. 
COS is literally a new Zara for me.. A lot of people will say that it is too masculine or maybe even boring? But I love tailoring and texture and I'm convinced that this store was made for me. 
I've always preferred the 'boyish' and fitted choice of clothing and block colours, black, silver and grey are all very much at home with their feet on the table in COS.. with the odd statement colour of course like red, or mustard and this is what I've decided to do here. 
I like to play it safe it has to be said but I assure you, I will be looking in to challenging colour (of the classic/vintage variety) eventually. As well as actually using my DSLR camera too, I say for the 15th time.. 

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  1. Love your jumper! It such a nice pop of colour and it looks even better with the scarf! Love. x


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