(Coat, Boots, Bag and Jumper / Topshop -  Scarf, Blouse, Trousers and Hat / H&M)

..and its starting to get serious?? Maybe, but today I literally thought that purple and grey could marry and have babies. It's quite surprising that I'm even able to get some pictures because of how bitter and wet it is outside but theres something about the way the low sun blazes through the gaps in the streets reflecting off puddles and wet paving.
Its that late winter feeling where there is a slight 'springy' atmosphere in the air that feels fresh as the rain continues to wash and clear the streets in preparation for the rest of the new year.
This hat is the main reason for the post of course and that is because I have now found the perfect hat.. Yes, perfect in every way.
We are all fans off 'The Fedora' - Even if you don't wear them! It's that swinging 60's vibe that adds to your outfit immediately giving it a classy look.
Fedora hats are particularly a favourite when it comes to hats because you can very much wear them all year round in England! 
With the choice of grey and black in H&M, black felt like the natural choice but I went for grey and it will sit proudly amongst my other black hats!
At only &14.99 at H&M this season, I'm more than happy and it will see me through until I need a rusty coloured fedora! Do they do fedoras in mint green? Oh just pass me the colour chart.

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