(Caution - Wild and frizzy hair that may offend your eyes)

What a night! We were waiting for 3 hours in the cold and these are basically the only pictures we managed to get...and of course we got carried away with 'rock-paper-scissors' and 'eye spy' to past the time. 
Oh boy was it worth the wait though! The atmosphere of everyone was incredible! We had the entertainment of drunken fool dancing to Little Mix on a statue at one point too. Obviously it wouldn't be New Years Eve without a drunken fool.
 New Years Resolutions will be coming soon, but for now, I will enjoy a relaxing cup of tea in bed and on that note? Life is what you make it, make 2014 your year!

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  1. Ah I was thinking about going to see the fireworks in London but didn't feel up to waiting around. Maybe next year though! Looks amazing


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