With my slight obsession of COS, & Other Stories and Zara, Its evident that I'm a sucker for masculinity when it comes to fashion. COS tends to stay true to his bold statement colours when it comes to the release of their seasonal colours that play with shapes and direction whereas & Other stories tend to play with colour and material a little more, and generally portraying a softer for feminine statement.
I was excited with the release of the spring and summer preview shoot for the collection of & Others Stories because I've told myself that this year, I will play with colour and texture more in stead of drowning myself in matte blacks, white and greys.

Heres the story of the shoot:

'We spent an inspiring day with co-creatives Anna and Fredrika, best friends with a shared passion for fashion and photography. Armed with a couple of cameras and a selection of just-out pieces, the duo headed out onto the sunny Stockholm streets for an impromptu shoot. Their intimate images provide a first glimpse of our spring styles: silk shirts, trench coats and luxe knits paired with vivid prints and vibrant primary colours.'

I like how & Other Stories stays true to its natural thematical style season after season and I'm so excited for lots of printed silks! (gentle prints of course) - When I go into & Other Stories on Regents Street all year round, I adore how immediately there is a natural and fresh aseasthetic with clean greens, white and navy in small but tidy doses however lots of jumper and shirts combo and mature but girly dresses (I've never been good at the whole 'womanly-sexy- curvy- look) so this always excites me!
Beautiful imagery and statement but calm pieces ready for us to indulge in.. I've also looked in to their loafers and brogues.. Yes, I know.. With no platforms in sight! 

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