(Coat - Zara / Top - ShopDaze / Trousers - H&M / Bag - Coach / Shoes - Ebay)

Today was lovely. If it wasn't such a bitter day without my hot water bottle in my coat I would probably say that it was perfect.. I went to southbank and had a walk around with my boyfriend. I did want to go to ASOS swap shop today but because I haven't really had the time to sort some clothes out for it, I in stead I decided to have a day of simply strolling around taking in the city of London. 
Sometimes London can be so hectic and frustrating that its so easy to just get fed up with it but I had one of the days where I realised why that London really is such a beautiful and unique city! 
One of the moments of today I saw a lady bring a homeless man a coffee and pastry from Starbucks as he sat in the cold and drafty tunnel of tower bridge... It was lovely to see.
Outfit choice, maybe not the best in terms of warmth but I was in a 'I can't be bothered to wear make up' mood so I felt that the neutral colours really compliment my ghostly pale skin? - I like to think anyway.


  1. You are seriously too gorgeous for words!!!!

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