Firstly.. The matching denim ensemble is from H&M of course, where else.. and do I feel amazing when I wear it? Incredibly. 
But this isn't the causation for this post, even though it is worth a little showing off admittedly but this is more about how I'm getting so friggin caught up in 'London life'  that it has taken me forever and ever to even read a book. As a Post-English Grad, that is no longer involved in anything remotely related to English as a subject - this is incredibly important to me.
Fashion has always been my passion and sits neatly at the top of the list of things that I feel that I am actually good at in life. Something I'm confident in, and now that I'm training in Visual Merchandising for H&M however not having the time to blog, write (finish my crime novel) and even read a book, its starting to become exhausting. Those are my methods are escape.. Its so important to have that in life.

Okay, I love what I do and boy am I trying so hard trying to be the best I can be, but I think my coping skills are lacking and this is where I feel that I need to sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen and write down what I need/want from life, how I'm going to get it and in how much time.
I'm a writer and I love to write, read, wear pretty outfits, put outfits together... But what is my calling?
 What is my purpose? 
I'll get back to you on that and in the meantime H&M are doing such an amazing job at pushing me in every way to better myself and improve myself in every single way that I know my progression is a good thing and leading me to great things!
I need to travel, I need to publish at least one novel and I need a career in something that I'm interested in.. (fashion, home decor, literature)
 Sounds easy enough?
Oh, I also know that whatever I do, I can't wear uniform.. EVER.. Unless its short term and leading me to something. But no, never.
So those are the things that I know I need, now I need to figure out the 'in betweens'
We were so not warned about our twenties right.. Surely some of you guys are on the same page too.. If not, then tell us what your secret is!

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  1. love denim<3
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