Here are a few pictures I have collected from some of my favourite interior blogs.
If you have got me on twitter, you will know that I love interior design, just as much as fashion, art and music. Somebody's home can be just as expressive as someone's outfit and I absolutely adore how people create these little organised spaces and quirky corners of rooms, from clustered scented candles to little trays of pretty bits and bobs that are too cute to dump into forgotten draws.
I like a dingy room, it adds character and personality. I do love crisp, white and clean glass but there's almost no sense of comfort and it can feel too show-roomy?
Anyway the last picture is my bedroom... My daddy gave me and sisters a box of sparkly butterflies to see if we would like to get a bit crafty and use them for the garden but my first thoughts were to put one inside of a picture frame as I've seen this been done before but in stead I sat one on the frame as if the butterfly had landed there.
I thought they look rather sweet when they are scattered around...
Its those little things, isn't it?

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  1. Love the inspiration! I love your blog so I am your new follower


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