So I guess its quite obvious to state that I didn't exactly stumble across Charlotte Tilbury accidentally because the brand is most definitely having its moment. I would like to say I had heard of Charlotte before hand, but I hadn't, so I jumped on the band wagon - and bus - to Oxford street's Selfridges and had a little play around with the products.
So admittedly I was roped in by the sale assistant and bagged two lip cheats in iconic nude and foxy brown - a colour chameleon in bronzed garnet (for green eyes apparently!) and obviously I couldn't leave without a lippy so birkin brown from the matte revolution was my immediate choice!
My favourite out of all of them is actually foxy brown, I use it the most as I like a dark lip and any shade of dark lipstick can easily be applied and it blends well. I find that the pencil doesn't pull at your lip and I will definitely repurchase! Moving onto the lip stick; I've always been a MAC girl and since trying out the matte revolution I think I will always be a MAC girl.
It isn't a bad product, it just isn't anything special either. It is certainly a renowned matte lipstick as I didn't expect it to be as creamy as it is but it's also very buildable on the lip too and its actually good at staying put - However, I do just wear the MAC matte in Taupe with my foxy brown lip is my favourite combo at the moment.
My least favourite product is the colour chameleon.. The colour is perfect but once you apply you literally need to work with it straight away else it stays put! I don't know if it is just me but it sits in the creases of my eyes and when it does wear off it looks a bit cracked. I've tried using it with and without primer, without moisturiser and it just doesn't seem to work with me. If anyone has any tips that would be awesome; Having said that the colour is honestly perfect and really flattering with my eyes.. I think I just need a few goes with it.
To conclude, Charlotte Tilbury as a brand is so exciting, its worth having a look on the website here if you haven't already and if you haven't, why not? Have you been living under a rock?
Thanks for reading - Leave me a comment, message me, tweet me.. I'd love to see how you've been getting on with your products too!

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