(Jacket - Urban Outfitters / Shirt, Longline Blazer, Tights and Shirt - H&M / Bag - Vintage / Isabel Marant necklace / Shoes - ASOS)

"Evidentially you can't take the city out of the girl but I can't friggin take these babies off" I laughed as I took each step at a time, stepping over rocks that were wedged in to the ground but too risky to step on.
My aunt bought me this adorable handbag by the way from France.. Admittedly it doesn't hold a lot but it holds enough.

"Can you put my bunch of keys in to your bag, em?"

Okay, Okay, so it doesn't even hold enough but its probably the most beautiful little thing that I have ever owned and it sits so proudly on my arm doesn't it!
I'm clearly very vocal when it comes to Alexa Chung and I can just see a bag like this on her and well, I don't know... Its just pretty special.
In terms of my urban jacket.. I bought this because it was way cheaper than the barbour that I was convinced that it needed to be in my life
I also have some news! ... News that I can't even mention on here right now but once I can I'm literally going to be spamming my social media accounts until the world knows!
Its so exciting and it will change my whole life and I'll be blogging and sharing every second.

Please, please could you take a look at Dan Davies's work at www.ddaviesphotography.com
- He is amazing!
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