A month or so since I've been home and I've used my camera zero times. Literally I've taken so many on my trusty iPhone 4s so this will be a mental note to remind myself to take my camera out. 
Here we rode from St Kilda to Brighton Beach Station. It doesn't look very far on the map, but it felt like it, especially riding against the wind and worrying about creasing my leather  Zara jacket on the arms because of the position I was sitting in (Yes, I'm that annoying).
The day was quite windy but the views were beautiful! It's lucky that we have bikes to hand because this place is so big, we could never venture it in such little time too.

I've been feeling overwhelmed recently and my head is still so dazed with going from summer to end of winter to summer again in a month. 
I've never adapted well to both people and places and don't get me wrong, I've adapted better than I thought I would but I've always been the one to dip my toe in the water first.
I'm learning a lot about myself, like how I am as a person, how I might be seen to others.. 
I still get really bad anxiety and worry about what people might think of me but I'm becoming more confident in addressing it.
I know this may sound ridiculous to some but I've gotten so use to being in London that I've decided that now trips to department stores in the city is seen as 'weekly therapy' in order to get some 'happy' and normality in my life so I don't suffer from home sickness.
I don't always buy things.. I just love the lights, the smells, packaging of products..
Isn't it funny that those simple things can give you so much pleasure.

I'm missing my mum.
I'm missing my family.
I'm missing my friends 
I miss going out for dinner in St Christophers Place.
I miss Gordi, my 60-something year old German friend who always told me story's.
I'm missing my collection of candles and soaks in my bath.. 
Clapham Common on the weekends and the 137 bus route to Oxford Circus. 

I tell myself to try and not miss but simply gather the excitement for when I return.. because I know that then I will be missing today.
Friday 9/10/15. 28 degrees.
We met Daisy for lunch. She has a frachured elbow and still braves the crowded clusters of the city to meet us.
 I love her. 
I loved today and the sunshine.
I love department stores.
I love exploring the city.

I love now.

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