As soon as released the photos of Balmain's exclusive collection with H&M I couldn't contain myself (i'm sure along with every other blogger).
 I've seen snippets around here and there, naturally, so these are just a treat aren't they. One thing I will say is, aside from the Isabel Marant collection with H&M - this is my favourite! I love the sequins, metalllacs but also the structured tailoring of the clothes. My favourite being 'The Blazer' and i'm in love with the accessories! 
When I worked for visual at H&M I was able to go to the press office and take a look at the Isabel Marant collection in the showroom, which was so exciting!. Now, however, I'm actually gutted that 
1. I am here in Australia and 2. I'm not with H&M anymore :(
I can just imagine the buzz and excitement in H&M with the upcoming launch! 
Balmain is such a high profile design with such a cult following, the collection is going to do so well! 
H&M focus on offering dupes of the collection too along side the designer so even if you don't fancy any of the 100+ pieces (if not, why?) because H&M honestly release some lovely pieces too!
Excuse me while I make some phone calls... I need to reserve some pieces myself!

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