(Hat and Boots - Dotti / Dress - ASOS / Leather Jacket - Zara / Bag - Topshop / Rings - Vintage)

I decided that Hyde Park in Sydney - cough ignoring that it's spring time here cough - would be the perfect place to create an autumnal post. It doesn't feel like Spring at all here, it definitely feels like the end of a hot summer.. Just how it felt when I left England. 
The Aussie's can definitely play around with different style here but when you only have room for a back pack full for your wardrobe, its hard to keep warm on cold days when all you plan for Australia (jacket-wise) is a leather jacket. Shortly after these photos were taken I had to stick some leggings on, however all day I had been taking my jacket off and on!
I've decided that before I leave Melbourne I'm going to chuck some stuff away (or if anyone would like a a pick of a few things - minus the jacket - message me) and start my wardrobe again! I'm heading up north in the new year and I hear it will only get more hot and humid so I should prepare for shorts, tee's and dresses..


  1. This outfit is great! I looove your hat!

    Lee - leethrifts.blogspot.com

  2. I love your style! Your jacket is awesome and that dress looks so comfy! Thanks for tweeting me earlier! Your blog is great!


  3. This outfit looks great on you, I love the boots especially.



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