(Glasses, shoes - Asos / Top - Topshop / Skirt - Miss Selfridge / Clutch - Unknown)

Dancing around in the park in a crop after a trip to a vintage fare in which I bought 6 items for 6 dollars on a summers evening and meanwhile back in the UK It's bitterly cold.. Do I feel bad? Kind of. But am I enjoying it? Every second.
The leaves are dried up and the tree's clenching with thirst and people are putting up their christmas decorations after a day in the pool/at the beach..
Theres something quite strange about tinsel glistening in the bright sunshine.. It is definitely an experience I will never forget! I'm looking at sandals and dresses but wanting boots and scarves.. can you believe I bought a pair of cigarette trousers when I'm heading north soon? What the hell is wrong with me. I'm definitely going to have to send some stuff bag at some point.. especially some of the light jackets I bought from the vintage fare today (Post coming soon).
It's been 3 months already and I'm really settled in Melbourne.. I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to be able to sit on the beach that faces the big city of Melbourne. You get the best of both worlds here, something London.. England doesn't have and something that I will miss in the future.
Brighton East - where we are staying has some amazing boutiques and quirky stores and all the locals are so friendly and content.. they are very organically concious with awesome healthy eateries and bars, I keep meaning to do a post on the shopping available around here.
I think a lot of people miss out on places like this, who don't really stay in Melbourne for too long and just visit the city and St Kilda.. It's worth knowing the places that are worth the visit and I'm so glad we've had the pleasure of staying in Brighton for as long as we have.


  1. Hey lovely, I'm new to your blog! I love your photos, they're so atmospheric, and I'm loving your cool grungy style. Definitely going to be sticking around to check out a few more posts :)

    Kirstie | Kimamely Beauty

  2. Can't go wrong with an all black outfit! You've got an amazing style :)



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