(Tee, Necklace - H&M / Skirt - Topshop / Shoes (Old) Asos / Ear Cuff - SportsGirl)

How weird is that? I will experience two summer's this year.. I have a feeling that my Australian summer will be a lot different though.. It is spring and as you can see, some days I just throw on anything light and head out of the door, this is what happened here. I've been having a bit of a crappy week really. The hostel that we stayed in in Sydney gave us bed bugs on our legs (NoMads hostel - just so you know) and my legs  are covered in bumps that itch through the night. You can kind of tell on this picture! It sucks so much and it keeps me up in the night scratching away! We only stayed for a couple of nights as we hadn't really stayed in a lot of hostels before, we figured we'd have more money to actually experience Sydney but this kind of ruined it.
Anyway, I kind have mixed feelings at the moment in regards to the seasons.. Going from Summer in London to Spring and then Summer again. Autumn is my favourite season of all, it's kind of strange seeing autumnal blog posts and a/w fashion everywhere on my feeds when I'm thinking about shorts and tee's but I guess this is all part of the experience.. One day I will be looking back wishing I was back in Australia, I'm sure!

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