(Kimono - Vintage / Bag - Topshop / Dress - SportsGirl)

Melbourne is crazy. Literally crazy. One day it's super hot... the next I'm considering wearing buying a coat. What to wear on a daily basis when you live somewhere that experiences four seasons in a day. And people say that the British talk about weather too much? We have no idea about unpredictable weather.
So it's December and in Australia thats the start of the summer season! It's such a bizarre experience.. I'm kind of gutted that I'm missing out on some blogger events in London, winter wonderland as well as the fact that I won't be seeing my family for the first time ever but I keep telling myself that I'm so lucky to be in such an amazing country and making memories for myself!
I have some really exciting opportunities and content coming up and I'm really going to invest in everything and finally start thinking for myself.. Here's to optimism!        


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