Admittedly since I've been in Australia, it has been hard to find stores that I like.. I miss Carnaby Street, Shoreditch boutiques and Portobello Jewellery but in recent months I've been quite surprised with the high street stores here in particular (I'm loving Witchery and Sports Gal!)
Decjuba is one of those stores! Okay so it's not exactly COS or AndOtherStories but they offer such a beautiful range of clean cut and simple accessories and we all know how much I love my silver..
It's sale period, what better time to go and have a mooch! I didn't look in to the brand so I decided to grab only a couple of things to see how I get on with them in terms of quality, rather then buying loads and be disappointed. I'm not a fan of returning!
So here they are, just a couple of bits from the half price sale! They also do offer shipping if you liked something enough from their website. Let me know if you know of any other good stores that I might not know of! 

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