I feel very comfortable with make-up products as a whole and I have been interested in doing my own make up since I was able! Generally my make up tends to be quite dark, smokey, full dark lips.. I like to make a statement with my make up but on a day to day basis I tend to keep it very simple.

Firstly, my sister gave me Hope In a Jar by Philosophy  before I left because the pot is light and suitable for travelling. I hadn't tried it before so I was pleased after a week of using this product! I mix this with my Dior Star  
Some products, although on a budget (being in Australia) I have to have in my life.. Even at a price. One of those being Dior Star.
I've only taken four brushes with me, all real techniques:
I have the Buffing Brush, Two Duo-Fibres and eye shadow brushes. (I've recently bought some new brushes and make up products which will be shown in later posts)

For my daily face I don't bother too much for eye's, if i'm not wearing my MAC Fluidline eyeliner I literally put a bit of my favourite ever bronzer which is benefits Hoola in the crease of my eyes!
I don't highlight or contour as such, I just add a little highlighter MAC cream base highlighter  in Luna to add a bit of glow and for concealer I use NARS in custard! (vanilla when i'm properly contouring!)
Then with lips I have two I use daily that I mix or wear either one (Honey Love and Taupe) Mac classics! I'm sure everyone has a MAC matte lip in their life.
- They're very similar in tone but lighter and darker for when I need a boost.
(The picture above is creme cup with Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in iconic nude.)
I wear this on summer days!
 I also found a bobbi brown eye shadow in black ebony that I found in a pocket a few months ago which I was pleasantly surprised at; it made it through customs somehow (they're so strict) but really pleased all the same, I've used this to make a smudgy under eye on days that I stick on a beanie and live life likes it's 06'
That's my face people! Have a good day and be sure to comment if you liked my post and I'll see you again soon.

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