I feel very comfortable with make-up products as a whole and I have been interested in doing my own make up since I was able! Generally my make up tends to be quite dark, smokey, full dark lips.. I like to make a statement with my make up but on a day to day basis I tend to keep it very simple.

Firstly, my sister gave me Hope In a Jar by Philosophy  before I left because the pot is light and suitable for travelling. I hadn't tried it before so I was pleased after a week of using this product! I mix this with my Dior Star  
Some products, although on a budget (being in Australia) I have to have in my life.. Even at a price. One of those being Dior Star.
I've only taken four brushes with me, all real techniques:
I have the Buffing Brush, Two Duo-Fibres and eye shadow brushes. (I've recently bought some new brushes and make up products which will be shown in later posts)

For my daily face I don't bother too much for eye's, if i'm not wearing my MAC Fluidline eyeliner I literally put a bit of my favourite ever bronzer which is benefits Hoola in the crease of my eyes!
I don't highlight or contour as such, I just add a little highlighter MAC cream base highlighter  in Luna to add a bit of glow and for concealer I use NARS in custard! (vanilla when i'm properly contouring!)
Then with lips I have two I use daily that I mix or wear either one (Honey Love and Taupe) Mac classics! I'm sure everyone has a MAC matte lip in their life.
- They're very similar in tone but lighter and darker for when I need a boost.
(The picture above is creme cup with Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in iconic nude.)
I wear this on summer days!
 I also found a bobbi brown eye shadow in black ebony that I found in a pocket a few months ago which I was pleasantly surprised at; it made it through customs somehow (they're so strict) but really pleased all the same, I've used this to make a smudgy under eye on days that I stick on a beanie and live life likes it's 06'
That's my face people! Have a good day and be sure to comment if you liked my post and I'll see you again soon.


  1. You're really pretty and have great distinct style1 Found your blog after you liked one of my tweets :) You deserve more recognition!


  2. Aww thank you so much! That means a lot to me �� I'll have a look at yours ��


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