(Shirt and Trousers - ASOS / Platforms - UNIF)
Photos by D.Davies Photography / D.Davies Instagram

Admittedly I feel quite bad because all over my feed I have family and friends complaining about the bitterly cold, dark and grey mornings. Something that I'm lucky to have escaped from this year and so I'm writing to you from a 30 degree Summery Sunday in Melbourne and I'm so hot! ..in addition to that I decided a crisp shirt would fit perfectly for spring inspiration as I know back home, January is the time of year that you crave signs of early spring and you just want to hibernate until Easter (we are secretly thankful that Tesco are stocking mini eggs thank you very much). 
I also know how sick of ASOS January sales we all are too.. It's that annoying time where there are only size 16's left so now I'm full steam ahead in creating an inspiration board for Spring! Crisp and clean, stripes.. pale pastels.. We all know the drill. But it isn't THAT far away when you think about it.. I'm thinking a leather cap, I'm thinking roll necks aplenty.. I'm thinking WHERE AM I ACTUALLY GOING TO BE. Australia is approaching Autumn btw.. same thing (not really but really) - still unsure on what my future holds) so my wardrobe is up in the air crazy. I'm cool with it but I'm equally scared. Where will I be next season.. I'm that annoying person that gets excited about weather and fashion. Maybe it's hard organising myself when I'm on my second summer and missed out on winter and yes I'm totally craving a faux fur coat but at the same time, living my life day to day, making decisions for myself and not leading the life a 9-5 job limits me too is pretty special. I wish that I could just not need money. I hate that we need it, I really do. I want to just blog, vlog, explore and wear nice things. Like, have a huge lorry behind me of clothes constantly or something equally ridiculous. Wouldn't that be a dream? I need to make things work for myself right now as much as I can... I've started vlogging finally (here is my first video) and I hope to make awesome videos for you guys if you're interested. So yeah, life is what you make it, and things can happen if you want them too.. something I remind myself of everyday. So although this post ended on quite a deep note, I'd love to see some of your wishlists and trends you might be trying out on the approach to spring, autumn, wherever you may be!  

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