(Everything ASOS, apart from UNIF platforms)
Today thunderstorms are ablaze and I stomp about in my chunks and a little vest.
I wouldn't have it any other way! Melbourne is crazy, the weather is so up and down, I change my outfit like three times a day, do you seriously know how crazy my wash pile is right now
..So, at this time of year I'm really missing the London buzz of fashion week that is right around the corner. I went last year with Daze Clothing and had such a great time, indulging in the street style and fashion gossip! I saw a few bloggers which was absolutely lovely. My room walls were painted with magazine cut outs and sticky notes were filled with 'to read' articles and models that I needed to be for the read of the year.. Yep, I love A\W Fashion week, they're my favourite seasons and I'm bummed I won't be there. I was tempted to attend the Melbourne fashion week that is in March to get my fashion fix but I know that it won't be the same. 
Yesterday however (Australia day) certainly made up for my home-sickness.. What's not to love about a swim in the sea and the day ending with a bright red sky, music and the sweet scent of a BBQ. I honestly believe that the sea is the cure for sadness.. I always dream on days that I've had a swim in the sea.. 
In a slight change of subject I will be doing the usual outfit inspiration and make up looks for the run up to fashion week which I hope you like! I'll be sure to cover Melbourne Fashion Week and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week, only two days and Mr Weekend will be at your door with a big kiss (Sorry but he won't be bringing Sun but he has two days for you in his pocket and I figured that we can all do with that during Mid Jan).

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