So what does your scent say about you?

Firstly there's the 'Everyday Scent' - The one in which you don't mind spraying a dozen times around your body for work or a day out!
The 'Special Occasion Scent' - That you wear to special events to make a statement! You want to be noticed and you want people to remember you.
The 'Extra Special/For show scent' - is the scent that you may just enjoy sitting beautifully on your crisp, oak dresser. You spray it maybe once a month and instantly regret careless spraying for no reason but to remember that perfect picnic on Brighton sea front.
If you have all or none of these types of scents in your life, you at least have that special perfume in mind that fills you with memories and gives you that immediate confidence boost when you wear it! Your scent makes a powerful impression, more than probably anything else! It's your signature after all and it actually says a lot about you as a person!

I have two perfumes that I've repurchased for years now which are Angel and Womanity and they're both by Thierry Mugler.
Angel is my go-to all time absolute favourite perfume - I've been in love with this perfume since I first sprayed it on to wrist in 2005. My sister and I were in Boots waiting to meet Mcfly at a signing and she introduced me to the perfumes section for the first time.. I was instantly in love and I've always had a bottle in my life ever since! With fragrant notes of: sweet red fruits, vanilla and caramel  if you haven't already noticed some find it quite sickly but if you spray one spray, the scent is watered down and lasts all day! It isn't tacky or sexy, its smells classically sweet and quite mature. It is definitely a perfume that people either love or hate.
According to an article on HarpersBazaar if you tend to go for a perfume that is musky, and oriental you are opulent and sultry! "..Women who favour musk or oriental scents create a lasting impression – and aren't afraid to show their sensuality. Opulent fragrances that focus on musk, amber, vanilla and benzoin are the key to your allure. Favoured by style icons like Ashley Olsen and Sarah Jessica Parker, musk wearers also know their Gucci from their Pucci, and never play by the rules". If you tend to go for fruity scents with chocolatey aromas, you like to be noticed or to stand out. I wear Angel on days where I need that confidence boost and to feel great!
My second favourite Womanity I decided to try on my way to buying another bottle of Angel for my trip to France back in 2012.  It was the bottle that instantly attracted me. It's a pink liquid but then such a masculine steeled top with a chained ring for the lid. I wasn't a major fan of the new release of Thierry Mugler's Alien so I didn't expect to be taken aback and yes, I was hugely! Again, always had a bottle in my life since.. Womanity is different in that it isn't sickly sweet but very powering. I like that about Thierry Mugler, his perfumes tend to be very powerful and create such a statement! Womanity holds notes of fresh fig, caviar, fig wood and leaves. Quite different to Angel but I love nearly as much! According to Harper Bazaar, if you tend to go for woody blends you are modern and minimalist! "The modern minimalist favours sleek lines, monochrome palettes and gravitates towards multifaceted fragrances that blend in to the skin." This type of scent is definitely for the personality type who favour feminine-meets-masculine aesthetic which I believe is very accurate and true to what Womanity stands for. Angel will always be my number one and I fear the day it is discontinued.. It's one of those perfumes I spray to just smile. I can't use it everyday, it's more of a treat.. I tend to wear Womanity everyday for fresh, every day femininity and it is well known to be my signature too! Both are strong and powerful statements that complete my every day routine.. so whats yours? Do you tend to gravitate towards celebrity perfumes? Apparently you are fun and flirty and like to socialise! Or do you tend to reach for the more classic and mature scents with your perfectly polished wardrobes and skinny latte! I'd love to know, please leave in the comments below and always remember...
"Apply perfume to the neck, wrists, elbows and behind your ears and knees; As your body temperature rises, it activates the notes and lifts them into the air, "creating an aura-like cloud around you."

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