Where do I go from here? What do I do next? What should I be doing with my life by now? 

Firstly I'll start by telling you a bit about me if you don't already know... I am currently in Australia on a working visa for a year (maybe 2) and I'm originally from the UK. I 'cater' for both the UK and Australia on my blog (product wise) by keeping up with both time zones, brands, blah blah.. and waking up in the middle of the night to join in twitter chats and talk with my UK followers. Although this can be a struggle, it's something I need to try and work the best I can. I've reached the 6 month mark in Australia today. I know, it has gone quick right? Too quick, and although I've travelled Australia in dribs and drabs I'm still in Melbourne and I've became quite comfortable in that. I do enjoy Melbourne, don't get me wrong, but I don't feel like I'm doing much or working towards anything either. I have no one to blame but myself either and I guess this is the point of this post. I'm at the age where if  I'm feeling quite stranded or useless, It can hit pretty hard because I don't feel like I have all the time in the world to sort that out. I'm either left feeling like I'm sat on a park bench watching my friends walk by or I feel quite a mix of emotions at being quite open to the world and what it has to offer.  I tell myself every day that it's okay to feel like this, to feel lost and to feel like I have no control over what I want because let face it, what do I want? I'm at the age of 25 and although I know that I love fashion, beauty, blogging, reading, writing and those sorts of things, it isn't really a career path that is painstakingly obvious to work towards. Do you feel like that too? 

It isn't easy to become a full time blogger and believe me I will try but I can't help but feel sick with worry that I try for so long to just be content in a job (blogging) that I miss 'the train' in other directions. I guess what I'm trying to say is how long can I try at something that feels so out of reach a lot of the time. This isn't because it is either, it's because of all those little additions that come with it, you know.. self confidence, motivation - those additions. I've decided that I will stick by a few tips day-to-day in order to accomplish whatever it is that you desire whether it be travelling, climbing the career ladder or just saving money..

1. No more Netflix - No, don't click off.. it actually works! Last year I told myself to save money whilst travelling so I could only have Spotify or Netflix and it was always quite an obvious choice for me and so I said goodbye to Netflix. Since then I've actually gained in Twitter followers, Instagram followers and gained more friendships! I'm communicating more than usual because I'm not wasting my time indulging in TV Series. You actually save money too by not having an extra bill at the end of month but also having more time to work on your blog too. Watch youtube, or a bit of TV in stead if you have too.. dare I say it, even read for a book!

2. Be more money conscious - Travelling has forced me to not only watch what I buy but also forced me to realise how much I was actually spending on utter crap. I don't want to rain on your parade by saying you can't indulge and treat yourself now and again, I'm just saying, could the money you are about to spend on that primer (when you already have like three in your drawer) be better spent or saved on something else. Whatever it is you might be saving for? Even if there isn't something you are actually saving for ( I told myself this a lot) There will always be something that might pop up and it's good to be prepared. if you want to blog full time, travel, save money for a mortgage or go on holiday, you need to think about these things, use up products and then the primer is yours, I promise..

3. Positive vibes - Surround yourself with the good un's. Currently, as I've mentioned, I'm in Australia and so I'm without my close friends and siblings and as sad as this may seem to some, my twitter friends are my savour! I would be absolutely lost without their continued support and love and sometimes thats all I need. I might be feeling lonely, or I simply need some good advice on hair products, I go on to Twitter, ask around and the great thing about the blogging community is that everyone is like-minded and opened to support you in anyway that they can. Put yourself out there, join in on chats, be available too. We all wants similar things with similar interests and it's important to surround yourself around that. Positive vibes lead to a positive attitude and to accomplish anything you need to be positive!

3. Throw self-doubt out of the window - I'm not saying it will stay outside, it always tends to creep back in in the middle of the night but it only takes a couple of seconds to throw it back out again and if you can't and it feels a bit heavy then you kick that MF out and walk away without looking back. My little sister, one of my bestest friends ever use to make me hold 'self-doubt' in my hands, walk to the window and literally throw it out, slabbing the window shut. We all have those days where we want to stay undertake duvet, you aren't the only one you know and I'm not going to lie, I wouldn't always feel 100 per cent after, but it did feel good and I strongly advice you give it a go yourself. Let me know how you get on!

4. DON'T compare - ever ever ever. And yet, I'm still guilty of this. We can't help but do it, it's human nature too, but please.. The more you tell yourself not too, the less you do it. There will always be someone richer, skinnier and more successful than you. Always has been and always will be. All you really can be is the best that you are. No one else is YOU, so OWN it. 

5. Whatever it is you want to achieve, even if you don't have any strong desires or are still clueless, just know that there are hundreds and thousands of people who feel exactly the same way. Please don't hesitate to message me, I'm always happy to talk to new people or to just listen, let me be that person.. No one should feel alone or helpless to how they're feeling because that can feel like the worst feeling in the world.. 

One more thing, upon reflection, I came across a song on my laptop the other day that my little sister introduced to me a few years ago and since it's her 24th birthday tomorrow, I just wanted to wish her a very happy birthday, I love you so much and thinking of you every day! Have a listen, just a few helpful tips is all, it will be the best 5 minutes of music you will listen to for weeks! - Everybody's Free

"Don't waste your time with jealousy, sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long and in the end, it's only with yourself."

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