(From ASOS - Silver bomber and silver skirt MONKI and Calvin Klein and Leggings are ASOS)
Pictures by Daniel Davies Photography

The question is.. are you attending London Fashion Week? Or any of the fashion weeks or surrounding events for that matter? (If you went to New York fashion week, I hate you) If so, you definitely need to leave me your links to outfit posts! I'd love to have a look at them! So here is my 'If I was actually attending London Fashion Week this year in stead of being in Australia, this is what I would be wearing' outfit ideas. I'm going to Melbourne Fashion week but It's obvious to mention that it won't quite be the same and I'm also going alone... yay. None the less though, all the excitement surfacing on social media is still giving me that fashion week buzz for sure! So, I went for the theme of silver, because I felt David Bowie inspired recently as a lot of people have; it's not a surprise that Monki plays a role in making me look decent because theres no denying their fantastic one-off original pieces that you can tell have been created by cat walk style. I decided to incorporate sport-lux into my outfits too.. Calvin Klein is everywhere recently and I don't feel like that will be going away any time soon either, especially for spring (UK) with predictions of denim, crisp whites and flare-age dominating, I've decided to invest in a little bit of sports lux and I don't even know where it has came from.. Everyone who knows me knows I'm a big fat goth but hey.. 2016 has already been full of surprises! In Australia we are approaching Autumn which still feels weird as I haven't had an Autumn since 2014, however my head still tends to be in UK time, so I'm generally excited for another approach to spring and summer! I think I might try and live my life by having as much spring's and summer's as physically possible; even if I am sitting here sunburnt after a weekend of sun-stroke sickness.. I still love you summer.

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