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So currently my head is like oi, Autumn is coming why are you lusting over palettes of pastels and then my heart is like I'm pretty sure Spring is coming, like seriously, why have you put me through two summers in a row? and my brain.. well, my brain is saying, what IS actually coming Emily because I need to rally the troops and prepare. In general I'm convinced I'm cold blooded, generally speaking I might die if I experience another sodding winter. I'm lapping it up in the sunshine but I know that this can't last forever... even paradise gets cold. 
So if you have me on twitter you will know my love for monki; With its attention to fit, textures and patterns a plenty! This shop in particular though was inspired by a picture I found on tumblr, and when that happens, so does shopping... I've shopped Monki for jeans before and we all know that you don't take risks when shopping for denim. White denim is of course going to be everywhere this Spring and Monki have white boyfriend, girlfriend and high waist up for grabs! This season they're playing with a handful of colours along with the usual stripes, navy and denim! We all know how Spring turns out, right? However, word on the street is that 'jack-ups' are back too.. The too-short flare? I don't think I'll be jumping on to that one any time soon (I don't want even shorter legs, you know) but yeah, denim galore come at me!

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