...has quite a history. I've been all shades of blonde, brown, black, red, ginger.. I've even had pink and blue fringes! (C'mon, we all had our rebellious teen years, don't judge me) - and I guess as I've got older I've learnt that your natural hair colour is the colour that suits your skin the most, so I tend to only go to hair dressers to tone down the sun kissed areas and a freshen the ends. Because I'm as plane as Jane I like to make sure it isn't too in place but not 'done' either. So I tend to just stick to a certain routine playing with different products. These three, right now, are IT. They do the job right so why fix what isn't broken, right?

After towel drying my hair...

I always, always let it dry naturally. When I go to hair dressers I get tempted to start styling with a hair dryer but I don't need additional heat, especially as I like to use hair straighteners plus I'm already exposed to a lot of sun in Australia. I always wash my hair at night so I have time to let it dry. When it's only slightly damp I add Toni and Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir and use sparingly on the top of my hair and generously to the ends. 

Comb through and leave until it's dry...

I then spray on all over some Bumble and bumble hairdressers primer and then let that dry a little before I turn on the straigtners and part my hair in to some hair up and some down..

I don't straighten it, it's more um.. controlling certain areas..

Like, for some reason I get little dents at the back of my hair and little baby curls at the front with is really annoying so I sort of control it's movement, shall we say.. really quickly with the straighteners rather then straightening it out. Once my hair is controlled and wavy\straight (which is my every day hair) I tip my head upside down.. 

I then brush through with a Tangle Teezer

and then swing my hair back over and right now my hair is a bush, as I give it a little bit of back brushing - only a little, don't go crazy! so by calming it down, I get a very little, half a pea sized amount of the same serum and control the ends but leave the top so I don't pull down at the volume of my hair - either go straight to sleep with my hair in a loose tie or bun on my head depending if I want bigger waves or not. When I wake up I repeat by tipping my head over, brush my hair, whip back and I get my Toni and Guy Casual Flexible Hairspray (which is my favourite ever hair spray BTW) and spray it all evenly over my hair and I'm all done! Sometimes I'll add a bit of dry shampoo as it's good for volumising, but there you have it.. My every day hair! A very common routine I'm sure but if you have any tips or tricks that I'm missing out on, feel free to give me a comment or message! Thanks for viewing!

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