You'd be lying if you said you got your 6-8 hours sleep every single night without a problem.. If you do, then HOW, You have your life pretty sorted out don't you.. Unfortunately I'm one of those 2.30am, 'WHAT DO I DO WITH MY LIFE' worriers who not only stresses about those things in the early stages of the morning, I also have to tweet about it too, and so results in a couple of hours ducted from my valuable 6-8 hour cap. 
Never the less, I've found something you might like and I promise you you'll thank me for it.. We don't all have time for a mid day nap so you need to make space for this little tube of magic in your cosmetic case. Before I mention a little bit more about the product itself I wanted to mention that this is the first of many skincare and make up reviews. I've taken to Twitter and asked you guys if you wanted to see more fashion or beauty posts and I was quite surprised with the amount that were in favour of beauty. As you know, fashion, I feel, is my life. I'm very confident in that area, and they say go with what you know, right? however beauty is something that I'm naturally very conscious of, I won't just accept a brand, receive product for free and make up a load of crap. I want my blog to be of quality and reliable in content. My beautiful blogger friends on twitter know that I love them very much, and I know that they read my blog posts and enjoy what I post so I want to be able to promote product that I believe in and they will like too! 

Firstly thank you big sister who first introduced me to this works last year.  Admittedly I'm one of those who stick with my reliable tried and tested products and so I was hesitant to try them out.. without parting with my own cash, I tried her Deep sleep pillow spray which is a best seller (another review in the pipeline) and within the first seconds of those delicate wisps of lavender and camomile floating and dancing around in the air I was hooked and ready to indulge in the rest of their ranges! Quite recently they released their Light time range catering for the sleep deprived! Without hesitation I decided that I would start off with the Light time open eyes and man am I completely stoked that I purchased this! 

On their website they claim to refreshen and tighten the eyes to appear 'de-puffed' and brighter. I love that it's instantly effective! I've already worked it in to my routine of applying the product by the metal applicator as suggested and with circular movement work my way around my whole eye area, leaving it to sit a little damp whilst I do my hair and within a minute my eyes were brighter, tightened and I look instantly more awake quicker then I can even say 'coffee!'. I love that I can now apply my make up on to a prepared eye.. in that I mean I always need to try and 'wake my face up' - the creases in my eyes aren't so apparent in the morning as much as I'd like, I have quite small eyes in general and I don't like applying my make up to my puffy tired eyes so this is literally the product I've been waiting for for a long time! Let me know if you purchase it, even though it's only recently been released I have that 'should I buy a few in case they suddenly don't have them available anymore' like i'm generally worried about it... None the less, have a browse in their section and let me know what you think, I will definitely repurchase!

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