So Spring has sprung, and no doubt everyone is thinking about pastels nails, booking that much-needed summer holiday and of course DENIM in all its thrills. We all know how predictably unpredictable UK weather is at the best of times so how do we jump on that band wagon of crisp shirts and denim aplenty when the sun, although shining in the morning, is still like 9 degrees and you still aren't able to detach from your dressing gown. I've got an idea though if you aren't quite read for your trusted denim jacket to reappear from the back of your wardrobe.. a denim coat.. not just any denim coat though, a denim coat that's 50 per cent off!  It's always the same though, especially during the in-between season period, flicking through ELLE's latest introducing S\S16 looks every month with the heater still on full wack, in a thick onesie accompanied by an options hot chocolate. The evenings might be getting brighter but we still have a month or so to go, lets be honest.. and this jacket? It can worn all year like obviously, whether ever you are. Layer it up or wearing it with a jumpsuit like me on a hot day in Austrlia.. To be honest this jacket had me at half price.

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