Every Monday my twitter feed is caked with anti-monday tweets\gifs and I can't help but realise just how many people hate their jobs, working five days a week to pay for your two days sitting very beautifully at the end of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the 'Hate Monday' GIF's on Twitter as much as everyone else but seriously, It's rare anyone is actually like Oh my god, thank god it's Monday tomorrow, right? and I get it.. I would love to be able to just earn from my blog; but seriously ... Let's get frigging going! Create goals to become happier and live life like it's going out of fashion! Fill up the diary and make plans! Five days out of seven is quite a chunk. You need to push your aspirations, gain perspective of what might become and really kick start your motivation. Whatever you are prepared to do...

Make sure it's today..

One thing I've dwelled on since I've been in Australia is that I just wish I had done it sooner. A lot of people say this as well. The sooner you make changes, the sooner you see results. It's so hard to break habit, I understand that. I was in a job that although I really enjoyed the actual job itself and got excited about, I didn't connect with the people and the environment that I was in, this was because I can be very socially anxious and something that only I deal with in my head. I waited around, hoping things would get better, not really excelling because I left people tell me I wasn't good enough. 

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve...

Or let them change your mind. Because in the end, you can only blame yourself if you didn't take action sooner. I've experienced people changing their mind, or choosing other pathways because of someone else. Whether that be travelling, like not leaving your job because you feel like you won't get another job like it or maybe at work, and your boss doesn't believe in you and you hold back. These are both things that I've experienced and years later, I leave and finally go to Australia to see what is out there. Yes I wish I had done it sooner but at least I've eventually decided to make a change. 

...you honestly never know unless you try!

"J.K. Rowling, the author of the world-famous Harry Potter series, encountered rejection after rejection for a full year before a publisher finally agreed to accept her work. The difference between winners and losers is simple. Winners keep moving forward no matter what trials they face while losers give up at the drop of a hat. You don’t lose until you quit, so don’t quit." - www.lifehack.org

It's all well and good to state that you shouldn't let anyone effect your decisions in life or let people tell you that you can't achieve what it is you'd like to achieve. Change is a big thing, when it comes to reality I know how hard it is to put things in to practice and thats why it's a good idea to surround yourself with good vibes and keep a positive mind. Maybe you need that reminder, maybe you're quite happy with the way your life is but you still don't really like your job. Why waste your valuable life on that? You are so lucky to have a life, you really are. 

Tell yourself every morning that it's a great day to be alive!

You might be a surprised at how your day may pan out after that. Forcing yourself to maintain a positive attitude really helps to make your day run smoother. This is something I am telling myself to work on, it really does work! whether you like to write them down or hanging up on your bedroom wall, just make sure you make a conscious effect to think more positively 

A few lines you might want to remind yourself:

Less thinking, more doing.
Be grateful for what is right in front of you too!
Stay true to yourself. Always think of YOU.
I can ALWAYS do better than this.
Don't expect more from life. Demand.
Challenging? All the more rewarding.
Don't like it? Change it.

One thing that I often think about is the people that always complain, often about the same things. Don't complain all the time about the negative in your life.. Not only are you making these factors all the more set in stone, but also why rain on someone else's parade? If you aren't happy, change exactly what it is to make sure it won't waste anymore of your valuable time! We can all complain from time, to time, not everything will always go your way but if the reason you are complaining is because you just want to go on that trip but are still saving, or work is busting your balls because you are trying to get that promotion and feel disheartened... 

Just stop and remember, you are TRYING. You can do this!

Show the people around you that your struggle gives you strength to keep trying. Don't be embarrassed by this! The people who are out to stop you are often the people who just don't want your best interest at heart. Another thing that I struggle with is feeling alone with my thoughts, this gives me a huge set back. I compare myself to everyone constantly and although for some it may be a great motivation, from my own point of view it's a weakness. I often either compare myself so I tend to give up easily or I feel so alone and in stead want to curl up and forget the world. Not only can great self-help/encouragement books inspire you to change your thinking but a little time out can help too. Maybe you are struggling with money, the relationships in your life, or sometimes feeling like absolutely everything in your life is bringing you down, stop..

Dance to the beat of your own drum

Be happy because YOU want too on your own terms. Question your next move because YOU aren't satisfied with your life. It isn't easy to change your current situation, these things don't happen every night. Make the realistic steps you need in order to see results. Your next move could be more serious than someone elses reading this.. Whatever it is, be realistic and it becomes more maintainable. 
 We have gathered that you don't like Monday and because we know that changes don't happen at the click of the fingers, it's Sunday morning and you have the whole day ahead.. Make sure Sunday is jam packed full of happiness then! Fully book yourself, do exactly what makes YOU happy and make sure you live those two days on a weekend to make up for you job! When I worked in London I would grow into the habit of work, sleep, work sleep and once the weekend arrived I wanted films, sleep, films, sleep.. Although that's all well and good on the odd weekend, It's not very life-fulling in the long run is it? I'm pretty sure that when you are lying on your death bed you won't be thanking your lucky stars that you watched all of the seasons of scrubs 10 million times, more so that you accidentally bumped into an old friend in Hyde Park, became good friends again, enjoyed many happy times and he is now the god father of your eldest daughter! 

In any aspect of life, you never know unless you are out there!

You get my drift right? I know it's tiring sometimes but seriously, it's cold outside? Put on a bigger coat! You are tired? Get an earlier nights sleep then, have a coffee then go dancing after work with a couple of friends.. Stop making up excuses! Find a hobby you might like, stick to it. You will always think of any excuse for absolutely anything, believe me, I do it myself.  If you haven't got anything from this post, then all I'm going to advise is to ask yourself this, what is YOUR next move? I would love to hear from you! Do you have a plan for the rest of the year? If so, are you on target? Why not? If you don't then make a plan! Can't think of one? Plan your weekend to be full of excitement, no matter what! We have to remind ourselves that this beautiful planet is ours right now! Let's do this, lets go out there and see it, meet people, make good memories! It's Monday tomorrow and there isn't anything wrong with that! Let's make changes, take action today because honestly, there isn't anything at all wrong with another beautiful day on planet earth.. Yay for Monday!

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