How do you feel about astrology? If you aren't interested, by all means, continue back on to your twitter feed.. But can I just mention a little something before you go? They're sometimes a great way to incorporate a little positivity in your life! Try reading just one teeny weeny horoscope this morning and you'll kind of catch my drift (If you do, give me a comment! Let me know your thoughts!)
.. So yeah, what brings me to this neck of the woods? Well I had this conversation the other day with some friends and you're either well in to star signs, with daily horoscope's being as necessary as your avocado a day or you literally find them completely ridiculous and take great pity on that friend who counts down the days until their 'love-life takes an unexpected turn on the 13th'! Personally I'm a big fan and I like how, although not always completely accurate, they are generally quite positive and motivational! I'm a firm believer in adding positive rituals in to your daily routine, whether or not yoga's your jam or a quick scroll on your horoscope app.. Check it on the tube, or before you hop out of bed.. This was mine this morning...

According to ELLE (My main horoscope source):

"Today's easy angle between the feminine planets—Venus and the moon—helps you tap into girl power! Build plenty of white space into your schedule. With your people houses activated, you'll be in more of a social mood than ever. Reach out to old friends, stay open to meeting new one AND for being a super-connector among them all. Pay the good karma forward by posting comments on friends' social networking sites, endorsing them on their LinkedIn page or writing a review for a business you admire."

What do I get from that and do I believe it? 

Girrrrrrl powerrrrrr.. Write a review for a business I adore and be sure to reach out to old friends? I think that would be good advice for anyone wouldn't it? Surely it isn't a waste of time to be reminded to push yourself or to be advised almost personally to excel at something you might usually just see as a normal, boring work day. It's those little things that can have a bigger impact on your life on a bigger scale.. I know that astrology goes much deeper but I generally like to check them to add a little boost to my day!
More generally.. being a gemini myself, I'm aware of the common traits of my star sign, including

Quick-wit, curiosity, dexterity and spontaneity

 - These are traits I like to be consciously aware of so that can I live up to those expectations.. But with every star sign comes weakness and as soon as you mention to anyone you are a gemini, they will automatically reply 'Ohh, two faced ay?' because yes, unfortunately gemini's are known for having a split personality. Do I think this is a true trait of myself personally? I kind of get it.. and no, I won't suddenly turn into the wicked witch of the west; I'm referring more to the fact that one minute I'm totally obsessed with say - and most recently - 19th century American literature and googling how to become a librarian and the next i'm looking up feminist activists and looking into post-grad courses. WTF. That's actually my life, I kid you not..
So in considering that I'm generally conscious of my behaviours.. Do I act too much on impulse?  I'm forced to question the fact that although I'm constantly seeking ways to better my life - which is a good thing - but that I need to try and stick at something long enough to see it through!

One of the main reasons I like about horoscopes are the fact that it gives you reason to question yourself..

Without change there isn't development. You're forced to question what's around you.. What can I expect and am I expecting anything? 
A great source for astrology as well as ELLE for horoscopes, is here which will go in to greater detail if you're interested but generally speaking, what's not to love about a little positive addition to your day that takes a minute or two. It can either challenge or motivate you.. or neither! Whatever it does, I'm sure it leads you to question your surroundings and that can't be a bad thing, can it. I would love to know your thoughts, be sure to give me a comment!

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