I introduce to you.. My perfect lips by TERRY. I know you want to kiss me right now and can I blame you? It's the perfect colour isn't it! I have a feeling this is going to be one of those over enthusiastic/excessive explanation marked posts because seriously I've found THE ONE. I don't regret spending 50 dollars on it either because everything about it is perfection. The colour, dark enough for edge but still red and classic, it's waterproof and dries instantly without looking dry or clinging to dry areas as well as the fact that it lasts all day.. I only reapply out of habit!
Let me take you back to where our relationship began.. I was on the NARS counter at Mecca and needed a pick me up. Thats one of the things I've noticed since I've been in Australia and something I need to break too, I always always stick with the brands I know and yes, that brings me back to the NARS counter and my need for a new lippy. I knew I wanted it dark but not brown or berry either, matte but not drying but I was bored of NARS lipsticks, they didn't have MAC there and yes, well, I was stuck. She bought me kindly over to 'by Terry' - a brand that all I know of was expensive. I thought at first maybe she wanted to optimise sales or something, you can't help but question those things but she said straight away, I know this isn't a lipstick but it can be worn as a lipstick, as that is what she does and continued with confidence that it was the perfect colour for me.. and then she picked up a lipstick liner and there it was.. Love at first site. I'm a big big fan of Russian Red in MAC, so I couldn't help but consider that this is like double the price and it's a pencil and the fact that its waterproof I had a sudden feeling of the Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat formula (don't shoot me) and hoped it wouldn't cling or feel too heavy or cemented on me. Anyway I decided to go for it, it's the colour that got me anyway so I thought I might as well just buy it and try it out.
Now, I'm a regular for beauty counters, I always have been, I only rave about the products that I love and so here we are, I've tried it. Everything about this pencil is 10/10! I want to tattoo it to my lips.. I can only wish for a life time supply of this stick because seriously all I hope for now is that because i'm using it as a lip liner AND lipstick is that it lasts!
Team this with your usual black flick or golden eye and you are looking hot damned!

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