Rain, sunshine or snow.. You need to be prepared for a festival and I'm not kidding, particularly in England you may get all three. At first you might question if it's a funeral I'm going too or a festival because let's face it, all black attire has always gone done well in my book.  For the first in my feature of festival outfits I have gone for the more realistic - unless of course you are thinking more Coachella vibes.. Then of course, you'll have to wait for that one because when it's wet, a hoody is a must!


I didn't want just any hoody though so I went for a long one! Warmth points as well, right? This one is from H&M's Divided grey range you'll find in most stores. Divided Grey as well as Trend at H&M are my absolutely favourites. Grey has a lot of ALL SAINTS dupes for half of the price and i'll always find something that I like there too if you aren't quite sure of what I'm rambling on about and see H&M as a big ball of stress, when you next go in ask for Trend (Designer, runway dupes) or Divided Grey and I promise you you'll thank me for it! 


People have mixed feelings with a jumpsuit at a festival. It's awkward, you need the loo, I get it.. But you'll look sick, ok. This one in particular is no fuss at all; I will say though, if you are quite busty I'm not sure this jumpsuit in particular would be the right option! It can slip a little as you walk and all of that embarrassment.. It's strapless so if you want to take the risk, go for it! Needless it's on sale and you can easily wear a cropped, tight tank underneath!


Don't think about plodding over the grass in those 6 inches, think about how rad they will look in that instagram shot! Then I guess of course trade them in for some old dolly flats. I was over wellington boots when I was eight years old and even then it was basically a no brainer on muddy, forest walks with my parents and sibs. I was forced to buy a pair in 2010 for Download festival and naturally I tucked my feet away behind friends in photo's. UNIF will always have the best platforms known to man-kind, it's not even debatable.. If you don't have any platforms in your life, that's fair enough but please, tell me why.. I'm so in love and find it so hard to understand otherwise.


Mini backpacks are quite a thing with festivals but I've never got it.. They don't pack enough in and just get on my nerves. They need to actually do the job, they are already breaking my back and I need to fit in my pair or platforms don't I? All these things need to be taken into account! If you read my blog you will see that I bought this one from Sports Girl in Australia and I found it was probably a bit pricey for what it is so I've linked you to some cheaper alternatives that are just as good!  I also added the panda for a bit of fun! Key rings, badges and pins are back big time and ASOS have such a good collection right now. 


So right now I'm guessing your head is a mush of all the new albums you have to learn over-night as well as the worry of your iPhone battery life so I'll leave this cute little check list right here by Little outdoor Kylie! A lot of it is optional but it's definitely a brilliant guide to get you going.. Most importantly, take pictures, get drunk.. Have a great time and I'll look forward to seeing all of your pictures post-hangover!

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