I get complimented on my rings and eyeliner above everything else, and although my rings are perfect in every way I won't lie, I couldn't disagree more with the eyeliner. It's annoying because you'd think by the age of 26 (It was my birthday yesterday and that was the first time I've actually said I'm 26, urgh) you'd think that I would have found the perfect eyeliner by now. I've been sporting a flick since 2005 baby, I'm the master at applying, but the eyeliner itself? I generally think I may give up with it. What the frigg is Adele wearing because I know it's isn't the MAC liquid eyeliner pot that I purposely bought and found to be AWFUL (Flakey and not long lasting).

What do I think? 

In case you haven't noticed, the rest of this review shows that sadly I haven't found The One' in Alexa's 'eye do' liquid eyeliner and I'm actually gutted. I thought that the queen of the flick had this down! My favourite eyeliner so far is the Rimmel Exaggerate (not the Scandal eyes or anything else, don't get them mixed up.. I'm not sure why they would change a reasonably good formula after the release but the applicator's differ!) - it's the best that I've used anyway and then the Eyeko would come in second. It's not terrible, don't get me wrong - The felt application process is so smooth and really good for people who aren't confident with eyeliner; I guess I was use to a brush and MAC pot for a while that when I applied this at first I was pleasantly surprised. It also dries very quickly which I find is a good thing but others not so much. Once I had finished my eyes it's apparent that Adele uses two coats to get her strong black flick so I went in for another coat and this is kind of where it goes wrong.. It starts to rub off a little in places, this too happened with a few different eyeliners I've tried like the Soap and Glory Supercat. It's sad because you want to build on your eyeliner without it coming off, is that too much for a girl to ask for? 
Anyway.. The application itself is fine and I would advise you to only wear one coat, it still looks good but not as black as I would hope for... Moving on to the wear. It smudges. Yep, I know, you can't have it both ways. The waterproof liners are too flakey and shiny and the normal liners tend to smudge and fade.. so where is it, huh? Where is the perfect eyeliner because I am yet to find it and in 2016 I don't see how this doesn't exist yet. So this is my cry for help.. I'm not desperate, this one is ok.. But I need to find the one! Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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