Location: Mornington Peninsula National Park

Distance: 3.5km

Duration: Minimum 2 hours – allow up to 5 hours
Track condition: Good
Grade: Flat
Start: Gunners car park
Finish: Fort Nepean
Nearby: Portsea

Permits/bookings: Cycling permitted every day from 10am to 3pm.

If you don't have me on snap chat (username: emilinalove1) you won't have seen me singing terribly along to The Pussy Cat Dolls and Dan jumping out of bushes to scare me as we made the 4km walk to Point Nepean. Point Nepean, Victoria is the site of two historic -19th century military landmarks and although it isn't a place I would usually choose to go, the walk was generally a lot of fun! Dan and I spoke about memories as well as the future and how lucky we are to be in Australia! There were times he would be walking on ahead as I took pictures and i had one of those moments that got me thinking how thousands of people have also walked this trail, some with us, in different countries - some sadly not and it made me think about just how short and valuable our life times really are. Why do I get so stressed out at times over minor things when you can look out to such incredible views and think to yours, does it really all matter? It's important to make the most of the time you have here on this planet... Like the soldiers who shot the first Australian guns in World War 1 and 2, they lived the life that this planet had to offer and now they are no longer here. People are born and people die every day and it really does make you question if the little things that cause us so much stress matter. I won't go into it too much this time, it's just a little food for thought but all I'm asking is that you just think to yourself, this is YOUR moment, YOUR time on earth. You earnt your place on this beautiful planet and you deserve to feel the best that you can, doing whatever it is you want to do with your time! It's easier said then done and I know that but lets just try to spend more time enjoying this life time, it's your time to shine! Live, Laugh and Love!

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