Lazy Oaf are one of my favourite brands and I'm sure a lot of you will either completely agree or couldn't disagree more. Never the less I too have a love-hate relationship with Lazy Oaf and constantly justifying 'that £60 dress'. Recently, because it was my birthday and I'm away from family in Australia I decided to treat myself to a few items. I'm a big lover of all things black, white, grey and silver. It's always been my palette of choice and so I decided that I'm going to start playing with pattern and illustration rather then just fabric, texture and shape, so here I am a Lazy Oaf post later. The first is my obvious choice of their new-in dresses from the whole range... and can I just say, the cute cat that appeared in the pictures was pleasantly unexpected - loved the camera and my dress for that matter! The second I bought on a whim but I'm happy that I did. The teal is a fresh, vibrant colour that compliments your skin and the budgie's are so unique. It's cute and very original! I will mention that it's wise not to machine-wash, even though it says you can on a cold wash, which I did and sadly it shrunk a bit so luckily because the sizes are very generous, this was OK.
One thing I've noted with Lazy Oaf is quality in general. It isn't the best for the price tag, I have a feeling they have like a cool designer and then they're made on budget in like China or somewhere.  They do mention on the tag that they have to be looked after and I guess they are 'occasion' dresses but these are the sorts of dresses I would like to wear all summer and sadly I don't see much f a long life. I won't leave it on a negative, just look at those budgies! The pattern on the collar is adorable as well.. I also have a couple of other things that will be popping up which I love and I think my bank account will be taking a serious hit with a few other things on my list.. (If you haven't seen their swimwear range yet you are going to freak - so cute! Anywa I hope you enjoyed a few of my summer inspired looks for the days you want to just throw on a floaty dress and head to the park!

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