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So before ROMWE contacted me I'll be perfectly honest and mention that I hadn't been on the site before - I had only seen them around with sponsored advertisements. I was so happy that they decided to gift me an item.. one of the things I liked about them was that they didn't hassle me to post so in turn I didn't feel obliged to post about a product that I might not like when it did arrive! Luckily I do like it and I'm very surprised that the brand isn't more established - unless I am and I'm late to the game because they state that they are 'runway to realway' and I definitely see why. They have a lot of adventurous and statement pieces... A lot of dupes from designers like Whistles with boxed shirts and neutral pastels as well as your basic options from H&M and Topshop. One of the best things about Romwe is it's sale. Their sale is huge and it isn't all the rubbish from last season either.
So when I was asked to choose something, I was spoilt for choice. I went for a light and summery crisp dress with detail, something I don't really have in my wardrobe actually. The fabric although quite prone to creasing, steams lovely. You can tell it isn't cheaply made, the stitching is precise and of a high standard and that's why I decided to play close attention to this on the imagery.  I'm very precise with things like stitching and measurements of fabric. I hate a bodged jobs and fabric shortage. You can tell a lot about a brand when you receive a product, particularly one that you haven't purchased from before. It's honestly worth a look if you haven't been on before, I'm glad I did because now after receiving the first product I can trust the next product to still be of a high standard and yet affordable. I hope you liked this look and pictures of my weekend in Sydney and rest assure that if you like the shirt dress, they ship intentionally and this is now in the sale too! They have some lush two piece sets and blazers too.. If you purchase anything, be sure to let me know, I would love to see!

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