Hello everyone! If you have me on Twitter, Snapchat etc you will know I've been on a road trip since the 1st of July from Melbourne, Cairns and down the east coast back to Melbourne - currently in Adelaide as we made a detour from extra time. So I'm already limited when it comes to my wardrobe because I've been in Australia for nearly a year so for this road trip I had to limit even further. You have to really take the essentials like camera gear and I know it's sucky leaving behind those cute flats or that equally delicious new jacket (You don't want it getting ruined by sand, believe me) and besides, those snaps of the Great Barrier Reef are worth it! 
I was doing the usual daily browse of ASOS before my travels, desperately seeking any excuse to shop and wanted to choose some light but casual clothes that will adapt to the heat in the north but also prepare myself for the cooler days/nights on the way back to Melbourne. 
I've seen a number of different posts for Daisy Street and as a store they are ever growing and releasing serious, one off statement pieces (Click here if you like the sound of macaroon heels!) I love that it's also an affordable store and the quality is still great too. I find myself visiting stores like Daisy Street over Topshop now. I'm not sure why but I've mentioned on Twitter recently how I have fell out of love with Topshop and a lot of you agree with me. It's very over priced for what you buy when there are now so many stores with great pieces or very identical at half the price - Topshop, right now anyway no longer inspires me and a lot of others on my Twitter, I hope they can turn it around.. 
Right now I'm lovely the whole patch/badge phase that's going on. Little quirky logo's can add a little  character to a plain tee, what's not to like? This unicorn tee is just one of a selection of crisp, summer tee's from their store that have cute illustrations/phrases and I liked how it just added a little something to an outfit that's already very plain and casual - espeically when you're on the move. A few tips that I would suggest for packing on a road trip is denim and dark coloured clothing are a good idea in terms of wearing them twice or maybe even three times for outerwear etc before washing. Camping in Australia and constantly being on the road, you will find that there isn't anything for miles! Laundrettes are around in cities but you have to make do with what you have for as long as you can. In all honesty though I found that I was over prepared with my clothes but I think that's a good thing, I like options and those thing's definitely add happiness to my day! This hoody has been amazing for the road trip, it's something to throw on when it's too cool for a light kimono and well my shoes? I've been wearing my Daisy Street Pointed Heel Loafers for days in the city and my nike's for scenic walks etc.. two pairs and that's it. 
Preparing for camping is like preparing for a festival but without the accessories. You need your wipes at all times, you need layers for the night, a hot water bottle just in case. I definitely suggest a very warm sleeping bag over a lighter one. You can always open it up or open the zip of your tent if you are too warm. Another essential is dry shampoo. Literally my bestest friend forever.. I never would have thought camping was for me, ever. I don't think I would jump at the chance again either but I honestly feel like I had the best time of my life on this road trip!
It''s definitely been an adventure for me, exploring Australia and actually leaving Melbourne.. I'm really exciting for my upcoming vlogs and posts and I will always remember this trip for the rest of my life! It's so important to travel and to be out there, it forces you out of your comfort zone. A year ago when my depression was really bad, I was stuck in a rut of work and sleep and not enjoying my life. I never ever would have thought a road trip like this, or even Australia would be something that would happen to me. I like my possessions, my bed, my routine and having security. I left Australia with probably not enough money but I did. It's something you have to book with closed eyes and just do it. Make it work.. You will be surprised how strong you are at coping with whatever life throws at you. 
A friend, Alixe, as you may have heard already came with us on this trip and she started out with us for the first 10 days until she made her way to Brisbane by hitchhike. The next day she tragically died. I will never, ever get over it and I still can't believe I'll never see her again.
Life is valuable. You must be joking if you think you have all the time in the world because you don't. Don't assume you'll have next year, next month.. tomorrow. She was 19, she told me about her future plans. Please, for yourself. Live life. Live it! You have one of them, that's all.. Do what it is that makes you truly happy and you'll have no regrets! I'll be doing a more in-depth post on my experiences but for now, get outside and enjoy the sun! 

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