So, recently I went back to Sydney for the Vivid Lights. It was absolutely amazing and I had such an awesome time! Dan and I have been to Sydney three times and every single day we are there I make sure that I run into Sephora. They don't have one anywhere else other than Sydney in Australia so It's my only chance to indulge in all things Kat Von D. Upon my final visit I knew I had to make a decision will this shade and light contour palette be coming home with me? and yes.. yes it bloody well did. I've been using it for weeks now - The ranges of shades definitely gives you the choice of daily use as they're very versatile and buildable for strong and not so strong contouring...

Firstly, you'll need your tool box..

Invest in a good brush to apply as it doesn't come with any applicator - I'm using Illamasqua Blush Up Brush for contour, it's brilliant.. soft but dense and it really gets into the cheek bones! I use this for both strong and not so strong contouring .

It's very pigmented.. 

Especially the darker shades, the swatches below are one wipe swatches to indicate their pigmentation. They're quite buttery for powder which I love and I also like that that they are smudgey and not stubborn in terms of blending. 

5 shades in cool and warm shades. 

1. Lucid 
2. Lyric
3. Levitation
4. Sombre
5. Shadowplay
6. Subconscious

Whatever your skintone, this palette has got you covered.. For me I use Lucid for the top of my cheek bone which is fair and neutral and Sombre, a cool toned contour. These are my basic every day colours but I'll  play with Shadowplay for warmth and deep contour sometimes and Levitation for a little blush. Subconscious is yet to be used but I'm sure it can be used as an eyeshadow as I've been using Sombre as a shadow sometimes! Lyric is yellow toned and it's great to have the option there.

A palette worth investing in!

I'm definitely pleased I decided to buy this palette.. I was quite skeptical as I'm not big on contour as you can see from the final picture but I do play around with it and like it to be an option. When I build on my usual Hoola Benefit Bronze it becomes more orange the more you apply and with the Shade and Light I have the option! I'm excited for Kat Von D's range to hit the UK as I also bought the Kat Von D eyeliner ink and as soon as I applied it the next day after leaving Sydney I wanted to cry because I hadn't bought more! I'm yet to try her lipsticks so they're on my list but for now I couldn't be happier with this palette! 3 words, Versatile, affordable (for a contour palette) and generous (you get a lot of product for your money, the palette is a decent size and definitely going to last. All in all, a big thumbs up from me!

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