Like everyone else I've been using Spotify for years, even when I cancelled my membership in order to save for shoes/travelling/(probably shoes) I was still tolerating their countless ad's for a bit of downtime with Micheal Jackson on a chilled Sunday evening..  However if you haven't get onto Apple music and make the most of your free 3 months here! There are so many awesome playlists and I've also discovered some gems for life this year! I'm honestly shocked at how long it actually had taken for Apple to finally jump on the band wagon of unlimited music. I had never really been able to take to iTunes myself over applications like Spotify as my music taste is huge! When you want to try out new artists or simply listen to an old classic, paying like £10 for an album can definitely add up when it's a few purchases. With a set amount a month for all of the music you want, you begin to discover new artists you wouldn't usually listen too!

You're pretty late to the game Apple, but now you're here...

I love to see what people are currently listening too, what their favourite songs are etc.. 
The majority will agree with me that music is everything. Whether you want to escape, sing or dance we all have our favourites so I thought I'd give you an insight in to what I love to listen too. It's been hard trying to narrow it down for one post but hopefully I may introduce/remind you of albums and songs that you love!

Album of 2016

I hate myself for creating such a category. How can one possibly choose one album of a whole year? I needed to roofless and select just one of my favourites and that's definitely this album. I love Sia as an artist, she's so refreshing and current but with timeless sound that you can tell was influenced by the greats of the 80's. My mum is a major music-fanatic - she can name every number one from the 60's through the 90's I'm sure of it so it's a huge deal that she really likes Sia.

Discoveries of 2016

HINDS - I heard Hinds for the first time in a coffee shop in Brixton and fell in love with their   natural 90's vide with a hint of 60's.. Very early Spice Girls and definitely worth a listen

MASS GOTHIC - So Mass Gothic is a married couple who dabble in a huge mix of genre, I prefer their more upbeat music like Every Night You've Got To Save Me as opposed to their depressive, low tempo tracks but I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more of them in 2017

MOSES SUMNEY - A friend of mine on Facebook uploaded one of his tracks of Facebook called Seed I was hooked on his vocals - Replaceable is serious vocal goals

WET - Wet are quite a current sounds, they seem quite a young band in that they don't quite know their sound yet but I'm keen to find out! Turn Away is my current fave and very contemporary with the right amount of base. She founds a little like Taylor Swift too!

Top Three Band's of all time

Blink 182
Motion City Soundtrack

Composer of All Time

James Horner

Unfortunately last year James Horner died in a plane crash, I literally couldn't believe it! He was behind the music for Titanic, The Perfect Storm and lots of other amazing films.

Danny Elfman
My all time favourite musician! He has composed all of the best works of Tim Burton like Edward Scissorhands and of course my favourite movie of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Top 10 Albums

Houston Calls - A Collection of Short Stories
`Ludovico Einaudi - Divenire
Fightstar - Grand Unification
Motion City Soundtrack - Commit this too
Abba - Gold
You Me at Six - Take off your Colours
Little Dragon - Ritual Union
Danny Elfman - The Collection
Sia - 1000 forms of fear
Crystal Fighters - Star of Love

Isn't it wonderful that we have music there to remind us of amazing moments in our lives! I have chosen 10 songs that are my favourite songs. I know, pretty hard right? But all these songs mean something to me. For example Kids In Glass House's reminds me of when I first met my boyfriend of now 8 years! It was a song I had for like a year on my myspace and at college it became 'Emily's Song'! Dan and I later went on to seeing them at a concert and although I was disappointed because they were drunk and rubbish, the song is still very special to me and instantly takes me back.

Top 10 Songs 

Danny Elfman - Ice Dance
Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
Kids in Glass Houses - Easy Tiger
Sia - Fire Meets Gasoline 
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
Jose' Gonzalez - Heart Beats
iSpyStrangers - Catching Kisses
Gorillaz - Feel Good inc
Joshua Radin - Winter
James Horner - No Goodbyes Only Love

The Guilty Pleasure

Elton John - Tiny Dancer!

Most definitely my dancing around the room song and definitely not ashamed of that either!
I hope you've enjoyed reading through some of the music that I love! Music truly is everything! Be sure to share some of the albums and playlists you are lovely right now too!

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