Some of you may or may not know that I live in London with my sister who is also the founder of the clothing store DAZE - I've witnessed the amount of effort that goes into running Daze from the meetings, models, promotions, stock supply - all those business related things that are 24/7! 
When I see how much work actually goes into building a business single handedly, it becomes relatable as to what I'm going through as a blogger who's trying to build a brand. 
I can't help but question why so many bloggers with big platforms support such big stores that don't need the support, that don't need the money when there is so many great smaller companies that really do need the support and help to keep afloat. I get that stores like Primark are easily available and people like convenience, but when you are a blogger and you are trying to build your brand, surely you can understand how hard it is too for a smaller business? That's why I try to shop around!
Buy from Easy stores, buy from smaller boutiques. The smaller companies are trying to make it too and they really do need the support.
I guess what I'm trying to say is don't feed the already greedy.. they have the suppliers and finance in place. Like I love the high street, I really do! But when you see so many bloggers doing these huge hauls the smaller companies with very similar stock or something better are missing out.
I'm a blogger who is trying to make it myself and I know how hard it is too so I decided to run a giveaway associated with Daze to gift a person with a piece that I know they will like and might be tempted to shop around with the smaller brands!  - I'm giving away one of their beautiful teal blazer's  seen here that I already own for free! if you have me on Twitter keep an eye on my tweets on Wednesday!

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