Hello and welcome to the first of my 'favourites' series! Every month I will choose a few items that I'm absolutely loving right now and share them with you! As simple as that.  I love reading posts like these - true and honest recommendations with an un-biased view! 
So, the items are random from books to beauty to whatever else I probably become obsessed with! 
I'd love to hear some feedback if you'd prefer to see more books, more beauty products or fashion. 

A little side note - I purchase so so much from Amazon! I always get super-quick delivery and they offer such a range, I always find what I'm looking for and although I have bought all items myself I will disclose that the products link will refer you to Amazon! So lets get started!



Suck on and off, holding for 5 seconds within a duration of 60 seconds

They slowly start to fill out

 Like most of us, I don't have £250 to spare so quick-fix sucker Emily (quite literally) found that the the solution was clear and I would get full lips for a tenner in stead right?! If you have me on snapchat (@emilinalove1) you would have saw the unpacking and first trial of these and let me tell you, for the simple fact that you only need to suck on them, there is actually a technique! I'll start out by suggesting that you don't suck too hard, seriously.. Just don't, it'll only result in bruising that doesn't wear down for a few hours and you create bigger lips by doing it in slower doses. 
However, I'm fortunate enough to have got the gist of it right away and haven't suffered with any bruising or real redness. You just let it sit for 5 seconds, pull it off, let it sit for 5 seconds and again.. pull it off. As a result you get juicy thick lips and you can choose to have them bigger or smaller for how ever long you want to er, suck. ha! They last around 3 hours, so it's not a miracle in any means but for like 11 bucks, it's worth even purchasing just to see how you'd look with full lips. 



If you follow me on Instagram (click here) you will know that I'm OBSESSED with my new lip combo! As soon as I arrived back in England after being away for a year I literally ran to a Boots! I'm surprised I didn't swim across the pond to get to a counter after being subject to countless images floating around the circuit of everyone with their new NYX products! I either wear the lip liner alone which I prefer to do or both for longer wear! You'll often see me wearing this combo in nearly every picture/snap/whatever! It's flattering, long wearing and seriously the lip liner is the same price as a Grande Latte from Starbucks.. so so in love.


This product is literally at the top! I discovered the best beauty hack ever (shhh, I know I'm probably late in the game) but seriously, I can't believe I made it to 26 without discovering such a blessing in disguise! I recently did a post here on products I have tried and tested since becoming blonde and I've listed the products that work for me and don't. Since becoming blonde I didn't realise how important keeping my hair nourished would actually be but now I have this little tub in my life I don't feel so panicky about being blonde at all. It really does moisture and leave your hair feeling so soft and surprisingly light after using something so heavy. For best results, leave in over night and wash in the morning with a purple shampoo. You hair will feel so much more manageable, less tangled and add shine which all blondes will know is quite an accomplishment. I saw results in my first use and I do this treatment every 4 days now! I know that oils are generally meant to be quite good but after using extra virgin olive oil my hair was really greasy after and had a smell. The morocan oil didn't do much for my hair like I had hoped, especially for quite a pricey item - it only really felt nice for a day so I'm really pleased I've found something that not only you can use for cooking oil which has lots of health benefits and generally better for you, you can use it as a hair mask and avoid all the costly products out there.


 I'm a major fan of claymation and The Nightmare before Christmas is my favourite movie of all time, it always has been! I love how it brings Halloween and Christmas together, it provides me with such a festive and heart warming feeling! I've watched the film probably over one hundred times, easily and Tim Burton's original illustration before the film is heavenly! The words are poetic and simply magical and the drawings, true to Tim Burtons unique style; it's a perfect addition to pull out from your bookshelf at this time of you!


Seriously who doesn't enjoy a soothing hot candle lit bath on a cold and damp autumnal evening. I'm quite selective with candles due to space so I like to choose wisely. I hadn't purchased a candle from Parks before but my sister kindly introduced me and let me try one of her ever expanding collection and so I decided to treat myself from the best of the bunch! This one is scented Sandlewood with notes of soft blossoms and freshness! The scent isn't too strong and over-powering which I like but strong enough to act as a air freshener when it isn't lit too! For my bedroom I prefer fresh smells for candles but they also have Cinnamon and Clove for a more festive choice! They are all completely vegan too!


I'm a big reader, I always have been and so when my brother recommended to me a graphic novel I wasn't sure how I would get on! I've recently been into anime more and more (Try the Death Note!) so I remained open minded. One thing that threw me was that you have to read\view the pages from the right corner to left but you get the hang of it after like 10 pages!
No spoilers I promise but it's about how all the men and male animals of the planet die instantly except for a teen called Yorick and his male pet monkey. To be honest when my brother told me about it I was expecting loads of sex and fantasy and it didn't sound too original. However it actually isn't! It's more to do with struggle and acceptance of the last generation. Lots of power, politics and relationships occurring and I haven't finished it yet! I'm excited for book two!

If you have liked my favourites, please leave me a comment and let me know if you'd like to see more or less products, more books, more beauty.. Any feedback is great feedback and once again thank you for viewing!

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