Obviously no one in their right mind will think these eyelashes are real and it's funny that even though we know they look completely fake, we go with it because it's fun. 
I was kindly sent these not long ago by False Eyelashes.. 
I saw them and thought how sweet and carried on with my life. I knew I would use the not so dramatic pair because eye candy are known in the blogging community so I trusted that on an evening out, these wouldn't let me down. 
At this point halloween is everywhere as per and the make up game is on.
I couldn't help but think about Christmasy evenings out in Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland and grabbing a hot choc after a day of christmas shopping.
It's around the corner and it's the perfect excuse to get your glam on so i rummaged through my product heap and decided to try them out.
Much to my disappointment though eyelashes are harder than ever to put on but with a pair of tweezers and a spare few minutes, they're on and look fierce!
The glue is very good with these eyelashes, I don't feel like I'm going to be walking around with an eyelash stuck to my sleeve and the other on my eye - I've even been using the glue to stick on my star's (another thing I'm going with)
So yes, tis' the season and all that and have fun with it!

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