Halloween has been and gone *cry face* can you believe it though? Let's not even talk about how the year has completely flown by because then we really will cry.
This time of year is all about the glitter, sparkles, glam and I've made sure I'm fully stocked with face gems and glitter to put a drag queen to shame!
H&M are quite literally ON IT when it comes to their make up range quite now so I had a wonder into their Oxford Street. Everyone who know's me know's that I am obsessed with the colour silver so it's obvious that I chose Mirror Ball in H&M's loose glitter selection (listed below) but I also like the look of Break The Ice - dilemma, dilemma. I chose both. I needed them, OK.
Little tip here, I tend to not use a glue for glitter, it goes crusty..  I go wth a primer instead as I only lightly dust my eyes! This primer is Mecca from Australia but isn't anything to go by as I feel any primer will work. If you like heavy glitter then opt for a NYX glue/primer it doesn't go crusty bread on you and only 5 quid, why not?




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