The shirt is a japanese piece before you ask, cute right? As are MOST of the clothes you'll find in the independent boutiques. Japan is serious goals, honestly. You can see where brands like Lazy Oaf get their inspiration from for sure! I''m so exciting for you guys to see some of the amazing and original pieces I've bought (It's enough to have you on sky scanner in seconds!) .. I thought I'd be a good friend right so I've listed below my favourite stores that I discovered JUST incase it pushes you to travel even a little bit more! 


(For bags, platforms and mouth-watering illustrative garments!)

Favourite piece: They have this bag in Pink and baby blue too! They have real one off pieces and typically I chose probably the most average piece as my favourite!


(Basically The Spice Girls jewellery box! Cheap but out of this world! 
- pssst.. they ship worldwide too!)

Favourite piece: A cut ghost hair clip for under a tenner, why not!

Ne' Net

( Because who doesn't like cute cat merch !)
Favourite Piece: I love this hoody! Oversized and sporting their logo of a cat face that also scatters itself over cosmetic bags, phone cases, even cigarette trousers!

...and lastly is a few stores also featured in my vlogs that I found to be well worth a visit if you find yourself in Takeshita Dori in Harajuku! 

Santa Monica - for contempory vintage and band tee's!
Milk - traditional japanese victorian thrills!
Flamingo - Awesome vintage, like a brick lane pop up!
Romantic Standard - Stictly for one off pieces!

Keep your eyes peeled the first of my vlog series in Japan!

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