So life as it happen, sort of went like this; I passed my grades, university happened, la de dar, all the things you'd expect and then education was done and then of course the living in Australia, visiting America, Japan, holidays in general. Progressing in jobs, quitting jobs, trying out all the jobs! 
  I'm in Clapham Junction Starbucks, with Alex my dog  eyeing up a whipped cream pumpkin sample I was offered whilst flirting with the guy sitting to the right of me. (I wasn't flirting btw.. my dog was) I was too busy stressing about life and writing to you to tell you all about it.
But the thing I'm annoyed at most right now is that I literally couldn't decide between tea and coffee. 
The story of my life.
I could have a tea, a relaxing drink, less calories than a latte but warm and still delightfully light. 
But then there's a latte. Energy for one. Something I definitely could do with but it doesn't taste as nice as a good brew, however it'll definitely be more beneficial.
I was then offered a sample of the pumpkin spiced latte and I'm sure you can see the problem right now.
There's too much of a choice in this world, it's all too dam convenient isn't it.
 Please tell me how I'm supposed to decide and sign a contract to one specific place?
Please tell me how am I supposed to live even live when rent costs as much as it does.
PLEASE tell me how I supposed to save any money towards holidays, clothes, all of the nice things in the world when all my money would go towards a roof being over my head.
 Here's the thing, on paper, I'm on the not so delightful side of 30, jobless and living with my mum.
I have bits and bobs, I do photoshoots to boost my experience in styling as well as running a fashion blog and keeping up with my social media accounts but do you think this would be possible if I wasn't at home still.
'I just need time to figure stuff out'

My mum is often like " Can't you be happy, you've got Dan, a person who loves you, and just got back from Japan and you're young, living in London etc etc" 
But the thing is, I'm not a spring chicken anymore and I only live here because of my mum!
 I do find myself walking around the house with a face on me; washing the dishes, being distracted by dirty mirrors or this morning clips on youtube. Like seriously, why can't I have stuff figured out?
'Why can't I be one of those people?"
There's always a downfall to all the good though.
Below I've listed some of the pro's and con's to living at home.



  • Obviously it's cheaper to be living at home. 
I can't believe how much some of my friends pay to live in London, so I consider myself very lucky to have my family here. Some people pay like 500 a week for everything like food, bills, rent etc. That's all the money they have for the week, gone. Where's the time to save? Obviously it's best to split the bill with a bill but that isn't always the case. It's great being able to save!

  • You don't feel lonely either (as much)
 A lot of people know of the comforts that only your mum can provide and I'm very lucky to be able to spend time with my mum and my siblings. A lot of people I speak to couldn't live with their mum because of general differences but I'm lucky in that my mum is very easy going and always great company. I won't always get this amount of time with my mum so I'm thankful for that everyday.

  • I don't have to worry about funding a household. 
 Ideal with anxiety and worry everyday and this is something I've managed to avoid. I can buy something and not worry that I can't meet a bill deadline. Obviously I pay mum some money but not as much as if I was living alone.

  • Freedom
I'm also able to pick and choose where I go and then come back to my room in London. I went to australia for a year and I was able to come back and try new things. I like that there's freedom with living at home, you aren't tied to anywhere.

  • Save for travelling, shoes, clothes etc..
I get to save up for my own place by still haven't a roof over my head and save for the thing's that I love in life like travelling, or a new bag!


  • Space. 
I need it. I lust for it daily. Sometimes you just want no one to answer to but yourself. I'm extremely tidy and clean and when there's someone else's washing up etc it gives me another reason to be ticked off.

  • Inadequate. You feel like a bum.

 There again, I've said it. I can't help that. You see friends on Facebook in their modern apartments and it's like, oh crap. I don't have that. It just makes you feel rubbish to be honest. I know it shouldn't but it does once you start comparing your life to other peoples.

  • A place to call your own.
 I want that! You aren't building on an investment with a mortgage and that kind of sucks. You want somewhere to be proud of, something you work really hard on. I appreciate and respect my mum a lot for her achievements and then you feel like you're failing them by not having control of your life.

Pro's are winning but the con's still stand and the truth is, this is reality for a lot of people out there. This is because of constant rising prices in property. Relationships being not as concrete and they use to be and with the world being at a point more than ever for ever growing opportunity, you don't want to settle, you want to live each day to it's maximum!
It's not how it use to be. Mum's generation was different to now. The world is ever advancing you don't want to miss the train!
Although I know that I'd like to try out my own place for my own independence, I'm not in any rush to figure it all out. If you have the opportunity, don't feel bad for it. Live YOUR way as it's your life after all :)

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