If you aren't one of her thousands of followers on instagram, who are you and why don't you know about Sara Luxe
The girl behind all of those beautiful Missguided campaigns that make us want to book a flight to LA for Coachella in the summer or dance the night away in Soho for NYE!
She's the stylist manager for Misguided, obviously.  
As well as her own delicious layering, laid back but confidently structured style; she's a hard worker and most definitely climbed the ladder to get where she is now, attending her first buyers fare at the age of 16.
With experience in merchandising and retail management she swears by hard work and a ton of internships! Even though she's hella busy, she was awesome enough to answer a few questions to give you an insight into the life of a full time stylist! 


The fashion industry is ever expanding.. It's constantly developing so It's hard to invest in just one thing! Before we get down to all that I have to ask you, and I'm sure you get asked a lot as a stylist: What are your 3 favourite styling tips and tricks?

I guess it depends what the purpose of my styling it, what brand it is for or the purpose of the outcome. Different purposes mean different styling. i.e the styling looks I would do for e-commerce will be different to those I do for TV campaign & different again for a bus stop poster.. 
but 3 tricks I am loving from the SS17 catwalks are:

1 ) To belt everything, from jackets to tops & dresses. Throw 1, 2 or 3 belts on and wrap them bad boys around.
2 ) To have fun with jackets, they can be placed on the body or tied around it multiple ways - a jacket isnt just for wearing.
3 ) Socks ! from slogan to fishnet and print. You can have the smartest outfit on, but adding a flash of interest with an unexpected sock choice can make all the difference!

Loving a logo sock right now, I ilterally feel like Rhianna in her video We Found Love! So I'm sure your work day changes from one day to the next but generally speaking, what is a typical day's work in your job? The good AND the bad?

A typical day would be in the in-house studio. Although other days could be on location or planning a big campaign/TV shoot. So lets go with what a day in the studio looks like...
First up is checking emails, looking at best & worst seller reports, checking in with my team on what we are doing today ; our goals, targets and plans. 
Then briefing the teams on what we are doing today - i.e hair and make up briefs for each model, the styles and trends we plan to shoot that day . Then getting down to the photoshoot ! Styling each look, working with the team on directing shots, ensuring the hair, make up and outfit are all perfect and on the right model ( we have up to 5 models per day ). 
Lunch is usually eating whilst working or whilst in  a meeting with another department to discuss any issues, upcoming product launches or looking at model analysis.
Then back to the shoot!
At the end of the day I start to plan the next day. 9am is pretty manic if everyone comes in and there is no plan so we segment samples for the models due in, plan trends, hair and makeup & how we should shoot it. So we are ready to kick off at 9am sharp. Then I head back to my desk and continue with any emails, review the shots from the day & catch up with my Director. From the moment I walk in, to the moment I leave - there isn't a dull second. 

How did you get to be a stylist manager, like did you need certain experience/qualifications? 

I actually graduated in Fashion Buying, however after graduation I worked in Merchandising, Personal Shopping & Buying. This gave me a really good starting point and a strong view into what the industry was like & where I sat best within in. I knew I needed a creative role & Buying wasn't going to give me what I craved but I loved being a personal shopper, so I shadowed stylists, did free tests and basically got all the experience I could. I have then since worked my way up, from Stylist to Senior Stylist & now Creative Manager. 

What advise would you give to someone who wants to be a stylist or/and work in the fashion industry too? It's a dog eat dog world out there, what with the rise in bloggers and constant competition.. 

The biggest attributes I look for when hiring people in my team are passion, a degree in a fashion related course, a willingness to work their way up & evidence that have taken initiative and interned their asses off. 
Interning gets a bad name but it is essential. A course is great but nothing gives you experience like being on the job. Another huge piece of advise is have a positive attitude. Steaming, tidying, getting models drinks & sample organising may not seem like the glittering styling job you imaged, but I still do every single one of those things even at management level & they all are the foundation of a good shoot. So smile when doing them, be eager to help in all that you can, no matter how big or small the task. It is not a job playing with clothes, the hours are long, you will be on your feet all day & the knees of your new black skinnies will wear out from tying up models shoes - but we wouldn't do it if at the end of the long day - it didn't feel worth it. 

It sounds crazy but definitely worth it I'm sure! Can I just say as well that your Instagram is sassy af! Your theme feels naturally strong, you can sense straight away that you know a thing or two.. What's your goal career? Are you on the way to something in particular? 

I never imaged I would be doing what I do now or at the level that I am. I was the quietest , most under confident, anxiety filled girl & often still am. But I never ever gave up. I always took on projects outside of work hours, I networked like hell & people always feedback that my passion for what I do shines through. My career goal is to keep doing whatever it is that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning and giving 100% every singe day - it hasn't failed me so far & I am pretty bloody happy. 

Be sure to follow Sara on Instagram, you can also see her website that's packed full of her styling work here!

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